How to bowl fast in cricket?

Record your own deliveries…        record

The first step that  one should consider when planning to bowl fast in cricket is to record their own video of bowling either by seting up a video recorder or a cell phone which  will help to ananlyze our own deliveries. Try bowling several deliveries and record all these deliveries so that one can  determine the aspects in which improvement is needed.

Use your whole body…                                             Use whole body

While bowling a quicker delivery,
it’s not just your arm which will   generate momentum but actually it’s the whole body which will generate that extra pace. make sure your whole body is involved while bowling a delivery to gain the maximum speed.

Practice,practice and practice…

Make sure you practice good line and length deliveries and get to know where to bouce as acuurate as possible. Practice bouncing a ball accurately by making a target on the pitch. Also bowl with single stump to get the concentration and to build your muscle memory. Also when bowling a delivery 1delivery add a quick snap of the wrist to get the extra speed when you let the bowl to go.

Start your run up from the same point and count the number of steps you take till you reach the crease.And also try bowling different delivieries like bowling a delivery with little to no spin to perfect a yorker. You can add spin to your delivery to cut the ball either to left or right after the bounce.

So finally, after you have determined the maximum distance from you are going to bowl and the foot placement, practice all these techniques over and over again so that your mind will get accustomed to these practices and you do not have to think once again while bowling as it comes out naturally..

So that’s it folks i hope you enjoyed reading my post and in case you have any queries please feel free to leave a comment and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Keep smiling and keep playing!!!


How to play a hook shot in cricket?

A hook shot is played when a ball is bouncing over and above the chest level and not when it is below your eyes. One should know which bouncing ball should be hooked because if the bowler is bouncing the ball  off stump one should not take risk by playing this shot.

Mainly hook shot is played by hooking the ball towards behind square leg either along the cricket ground for four or in the air if one wants to go for a six.

Also every batsmen should know the difference between a hook shot and a pull shot. pull shot is played when the ball is pitched at waist length and is played by swinging the bat to leg side towards mid wicket or square leg. I will be discussing more about pull shot in upcoming posts.

So to play a hook shot one should practice bouncers and try to leave bouncers which are swinging outside.

Try using these tips and I guarantee you will definitely become a master.


How to Play a straight drive in cricket?

Playing cricket is an art and can only be bettered if one can master all necessary skills. So,let me take you through one of those necessary skill.

How to play a straight drive in cricket?Straight drive

To play a straight drive slightly  lean forward and if you are a right hand batsmen bring your left leg fr
ont so that you will can play a balanced shot. And if you are a left hand batsmen bring your right leg forward to get int
o position to play a well balanced shot.


And always remember while playing a straight drive in cricket your head should level your knee and concentrate on the ball until it is below your eyes so that you can swing the bat straight to play a perfect straight drive.

Level your head

Not every ball can be played a straight drive because if the ball is pitched on the fourth stump and if you try to play a straight drive there are chances of edging the ball and getting out. So play straight drive when it is close to you and below your eyes and if it is pitching between middle stump and off stump and also observe the length of the ball.

So, friends please use this technique when you are playing a straight drive and please leave your comments below if you have any queries regarding straight drive.

And also watch this space for more information on how to play different cricket shots as well.